It’s been an awfully busy last couple of weeks. We have had so many different things going on, but I want to focus on a lovely couple’s wedding which took place at our B&B yesterday. In fact, you can see lots of photos of their special wedding. (I make a wedding webpage for our wedding couples.) Click on the link for weddings and elopements, which is on our home page, and this wedding appears on that page at the top of the list of weddings.

I’d been speaking with the bride for a couple of months and enjoyed slowly getting to know her. I never spoke to the groom. When I met them, she was very much the sweet and delightful woman I thought she’d be (only more so) and — surprise! — the groom was charming and witty! I expected him to be shy, for some reason. I guess because I had never spoken to him.

They are a wonderful match for each other. I can really see how their personalities complement each other. And their friends were just like them. I think we have NEVER had such a nice group! Each and every guest was courteous and nice. Each was warm and friendly. Each was considerate and charming. Mostly they were friends of the bride, and it’s easy to see why they are all friends. Each and every one was so very nice. Most of the bride’s women friends were nurses. Well, every woman I’ve ever met who is a nurse was a wonderful person. I guess, in general at least, that’s the type of person who chooses that career.

Sometimes weddings are very tiring but I have to say that even though it was a lot of work, especially since it was a good-size wedding (around 30 or so), I didn’t feel as tired as I might have because the guests were so nice.

As Innkeepers, it’s an interesting point that when you have guests who are charming and kind, you don’t feel as tired. Well, it was a very busy weekend and, thankfully, we could have the ceremony outside which is what the bride really wanted. It was actually wonderful weather even though we half expected it to rain all day. It wasn’t even humid. It was perfect.  Everyone gathered in the lower garden and the wedding was performed there.   We had the reception inside which was nice also. I think everyone was more comfortable so they could sit if they wanted to and just mingle comfortably. Sometimes that’s not as easy outside when you’re all dressed up.

It will be wonderful to see our wedding couple one day down the road . . . maybe on an anniversary! That’s always special for us!!  Who knows — maybe even their friends might come back and visit Staunton again. For most of them, I think it was their first time here.  If they come again, they’ll be surprised at how much there is to do in Downtown Staunton.  I hope they spent enough time downtown to get a little idea of some of the wonderful things this special little town offers. Most of them, I’m afraid though, didn’t get to spend time downtown since they were really only here for the wedding.  Most of their time was spend with us — but that was great, too.  The bride booked all the rooms in the Main Inn and also The Carriage House and The Suites Building.  She and her husband came to town a few days early and stayed out at The Farmhouse.  Quite a few additional guests arrived just for the ceremony.  We had a wonderful Wedding Breakfast for them with twenty guests in all.  We had three tables set up so everyone could have breakfast together.  It really was quite nice.

I feel as if they all had a wonderful time and I hope we’ll be fortunate enough to see some of them again.  We’ll get them tickets for the theater and tell them all about the wineries. Maybe they’ll want to visit the art galleries or antique shops downtown. I know they’ll enjoy our wonderful downtown restaurants.  They can also head out in the country and go to caves, up on the Parkway, or out to Andre Viette’s, just to name a few choices.  I also always suggest guests visit The Frontier Culture Museum.  It’s a great place to spend a couple of hours.  Every time I go there, it feels like a different experience.   It’s fun wandering through the “homesteads” and listening to the guides’ first person accounts of what life is like for them (in the houses, from the 1600’s and 1700’s, brought over and reconstructed here!).   More and more is happening out there — and now we even have the African Village!   There’s just a lot to do . . . .

We wish the MOST happy travels, throughout their life together, to our wedding couple!

Carolyn, Innkeeper
The Staunton Choral Gardens Bed and Breakfast


About bedandbreakfastblog
I am the Innkeeper at The Staunton Choral Gardens Bed and Breakfast in Staunton, VA. The B&B is located in Downtown so guests can walk to everything. Our focus is providing beautiful accommodations for guests and delicious breakfasts. We hope they enjoy our home, our gardens, and the wonderful little town of Staunton.


  1. To my family and friends who shared our special day
    September 24, 2011 will be marked as a momentous day in our new life together. John and I have said many times already how wonderful it was. Aside from John and I becoming one, I was reminded how fortunate I am to be surrounded by the most wonderful family and friends. The amount of love felt that day was absolutely intoxicating. If one were to equate the love that was felt to how many years I have known each of my guests, it would be surpassed by the millions.
    John has added so much love and happiness to my life, I hope to be able to return that and more. It is amazing how much joy he gives me. In John’s ring it was engraved with “you are the best part of my heart” and he really is.
    To the innkeepers Carolyn and Ralph, thank you so much for our beautiful wedding. The both of you did a GREAT job and we wish you both much success. I enjoyed our talks/discussions over the wedding plans, it sad that those conversations are over but this is not the end to our friendship. Be assured that we will see you both again.
    Finally, we would like to reiterate how fortunate we feel that we are surrounded by so much love from our friends and family. We are truly blessed. Be assured that we will be keeping in touch with all of you.

    Love in Christ,
    John and Doris

  2. Michelle Gilliland says:

    Dear Carolyn,it was SUCH a beautiful wedding and weekend at your amazing B&B.My husband and I truly enjoyed it!Doris and John were blessed to be married at such a lovely place hosted by the sweetest couple!Staunton is such a charming little town-I want to come back when we have more time to explore it.LOVED The Depot restaurant also.Thanks for all you to to create such special memories for your patrons,and I wish you and Ralph the best of health and happiness for years to come.Hugs,Michelle and Ken Gilliland

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